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Our Screening Policy is as follows: Due to the security and safety of our models you will be required to show valid, government issued picture ID at the time of your call. In addition you may be required to show "proof of employer". (ie: business card and work telephone number) Thank you in advance for your understanding.
How do I book an model?

To book one of our models, please use the screening form or call our number. Please have an idea of which model you prefer.

Are the pictures genuine?

All of the pictures are 100% genuine and recent, we personally meet every model to ensure that they look like the pictures, we only use trusted photographers who guarantee that they take true and honest pictures. The model in the picture you see will be the same you meet . All photos and descriptions are genuine and 100% accurate. Some are slightly airbrushed to hide tattoo's for personal reason but it is noted on the models page if we do so.

Can I request what the model wear?
Sure, you can, we always tell our models about your dress requirements and they love to dress up and greet you in your requested outfit. Some models have a large variety of clothes; Do not forget to inform us at the time of booking.
Can I book more than one model at a time?
Of course. Not all of our models offer this service, but those that do have a note to that effect on their profile page, along with information about their preferred partners.
Are the models fees negotiable?

No Sorry, these fees are non-negotiable. The models we represent are professionals. They use their assets and skills in the same way your lawyer or accountant does. The only circumstances under which negotiation might take place is if you were taking one of our models out for a longer period than is listed on their scale of fees. In such a situation we would expect to discuss the price with you.

How do I pay the model?
All fees must be paid directly to the model within the first ten minutes of the booking in US dollars. Please note that payments by foreign currencies are subject to a handling charge of _% of the total fees. We would suggest that you give the model their fee in an unsealed envelope with the first ten minutes of the booking. It is always best to ask her to check it in front of you. That way you can both be sure that it is correct. Gratuities are not expected but are gratefully received and solely at the clients discretion. Some models do accept credit cards as well, Not all of our models offer this service, but those that do have a note to that effect on their profile page.
Can I just email you on the same day?
It's possible, but we cannot guarantee the model you are interested in will be available.
Is the discretion guaranteed on the part of the model and the client?
Absolutely! You are guaranteed total and absolute discretion by your chosen model and our agency. We are one of the most reputable and respectable referral agencies in the world. All our models are the highest standing and dignify confidentiality is absolutely assured. Naturally, our models expect the same of you and this is why the dates are arranged through the agency to ensure the total confidentiality of both parties.
It is possible to contact to the her directly?

No, as all our models prefer to have their date arranged directly through the agency. This is one way that we help to assure the models confidentiality. Similarly, telephone calls directly to your chosen model are not permitted. Your chosen model prefers simply to have their date with you arranged through us so they can just arrive at your chosen meeting point.

Do you accommodate fetishes?
At times we accommodate role-play requests but most of our models are sensual creatures and not accustom to fetish play. Not all of our models offer this service, but those that do have a note to that effect on their profile page.
Before the journey, could I meet the model for coffee or something?
Our agency charges for their time- whether for coffee date or anything else. If you do anticipate inviting any of our models that you do not know yet for a trip and would like to meet them before you make the arrangements, I would suggest you to try an overnight date in order to find out if you do get along well with each other before going ahead with the trip. It is not possible to have any meetings without a payment.
What should the duration of an appointment be?
The duration of the appointment is up to you. Whether you want an overnight with the model or a few hours or even for a few days, the decision would be yours.
What should I keep in mind about a duo-booking?
In order to ensure that there is good chemistry between the models, please consider the duo partner details in the profile of the model and do consult me for further advice. If you do plan to arrange for a date with a model from our agency along with a model from another agency, please do inform us so that our model can adjust their mindset accordingly. If the model do not know each other in advance or if they had not been recommended for Duo bookings by us, we would not be guaranteeing success of the meeting.
How do I select a suitable model?
You must think about what exactly you expect from a model. Do you need an companion to accompany you to a social function or business dinner or do you require a travel guide? Are you interested in someone who can be more personal and intimate? Each of our models has something special to offer to our clients. It is best to match your requirements and tastes with the biography of our models.
What can I do if I later realize that the selection made by me was not really right?
If something like this does happen, please do contact us immediately. We would try to fix the particular situation. The model would obviously retain the payment just for the time they spent in your company and the remaining amount shall be returned back to you. You may then decide whether you would like to meet another companion.
When can I expect a reply from the agency once I send an email or a booking form?
We do our absolute best to reply to your emails and requests within 1 hour during our working hours. If at all you do not receive a reply after a time period of 24 hours, there could have been a technical failure. We request you to please get in touch with us in this event.
If we have a romantic spark is that illegal?
No, it is not illegal to feel romantic if you have not contracted for it. Therefore, Fobidden Fruits never accepts, enters into or solicits contracts for sexual services.
Does Forbidden Fruits have strippers for bachelor parties?

Our models can entertain several men for a bachelor party but we don't employ strippers. Not all of our models offer this service, but those that do have a note to that effect on their profile page. Go to Naughty Lingerie Party page for more Info. Not all of our models offer this service, but those that do have a note to that effect on their profile page.

How much advance notice do I need to give you to make an appointment with one of your models?
Generally we can make an appointment for you with several hours notice. Sometimes even sooner. Keep in mind that our models have varying schedules and aren't always available at the last minute. We will book local appointments up to one week in advance, and we confirm all out of town travel up to two weeks in advance.
Is there a certain day/ time that most of your models are available? Do you have them on a schedule so I know when it's best for me to see one of them?

No. Scheduling an appointment with one of our models is subject to that persons availability, and each models schedule is different. We do not require models to be available at specific times. When you call to request an appointment with one of our models we coordinate it to happen at a time that is convenient for both of you. Aways check the model's schedules for the days and times she will be available for booking an appointment. You can also fill out our screening form to Prebook our models as well. 

I've seen other web sites where the models show their faces. Why don't all the models in your agency show theirs?
Most of our models are not career companions. They come from many different backgrounds and professions, some of them are in the arts and work as models. For purposes of discretion some models ask that we do not show their faces. Full and accurate descriptions of their appearance can be obtained by calling the agency and asking us about a particular model. As a member of the VIP CLUB gives access to see all the MODELS FACES, VIDEOS, SPECIAL DISCOUNTS, plus much more!!! Go to the VIP CLUB page to see how to become a VIP MEMBER.
I've used other services in the past and was told that the hourly fee was just a "starting point". Does your agency have any hidden fees or extra charges that I need to know about?
No. Our prices are fixed and there are no additional fees involved.
I have wanted to see one of your models but I live in a conservative building and I'm wary of having someone show up looking or behaving inappropriately. Is this something I need to be concerned about?
No. All of our models always dress appropriately and behave with total discretion. When they arrive at your building it will be no different than a friend or business associate coming to visit you.
Is it common to tip or give gifts to your models?
Tipping and gifts are certainly appreciated if you've enjoyed the time you've spent with one of our models, but it is entirely at your discretion and is not expected or implied in any way. Some suggestions of gifts: Flowers, Wine or Champagne model must be 21yrs+, Lingerie, Gift certificates (Victoria's Secret, book stores, Bath and Body works, Candles, Clothing stores, Spas, Fragances.
I'd like to meet with one of your models but it is out of my price range. Can you negotiate a better price if I ask for it?
No, we do not negotiate our rates but periodically we do offer specials. You can check back on this page or sign up to be on our email list and you'll be notified when we are making a special offer.
What is included in a dinner date?
Dinner dates are 3 hours in duration and include 1 hour private time.
What is Refer-A-Friend Bonus?
Refer-A-Friend Bonus is a bonus specifically set up for current VIP CLUB members who successfully refer a friend for a booking with our agency. Whenever such friend successfully book a model with us and get verified, you will the referral bonus on your next booking.
How do I become one of your models?
We are always looking for quality models for our agency and we conduct interviews frequently. Go to the page for HIRING about how to apply.
I submitted an application, so when can I start?
Due to high volume of request, our positions fill up rapidly, your information is in our system and you may get a call from us if the position you applied for is available at anytime.
Do your models travel?
Yes. We often make special arrangements to fly our models to different locations. Fees are negotiated based on the length of time you wish to see them. Transportation costs, meals, and lodging must be provided in addition to the fee paid for the models time. Please note that due to their various careers some models may not be available for this, or may have limited availability only on weekends. Not all of our models offer this service, but those that do have a note to that effect on their profile page.
If i book a travel meeting , do i have to pay deposit?
Yes we charge 40% deposit, if you are not willing to pay the deposit or respect our policy, please do not use our service.
Is there a cancellation policy?
We understand that things come up and at times cancellations need to be made, however, like any other bussiness, we do enforce a cancellation policy, It's simple, If a client cancels without more than 2 hours before the same day of the booking. The client will be required to pay a cancellation fee. THIS FEE IS TO BE PAID BEFORE THE CLIENT CAN BOOK ANOTHER REFERRAL.
100% NO Bait and Switch Policy.
We are a 100% NO Bait and switch company. Accurate, recent photos every time. Each of our models have been personally screened by one of our staff to ensure accuracy. That is our promise to you.
Do you provide outcall and incall?

Forbidden Fruit is a referral service. The models we represent are independent contractors. These ladies offer incall and outcall service. Incall location will vary depending on the model of your choice.

What are your rates?

Our rates will vary depending on the model you choose and the length and location of your date. Please call the office for exact pricing. Ph: 1.888.603.2003 E. forbiddenfruitreferrals@gmail.com